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April Showers Bring…..Mud!

It has been a busy week here in the dragon-fixit household, with lots of visitors, various viruses and minor ailments passed around, and our usual ongoing projects. Today was our chance to do not much of anything. Tonka Tim and Queen … Continue reading

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Fun at the Doctor’s Office

On Mondays and Wednesdays I pick the kids up from school. Sometimes we pick up a friend and bring them to the house for a playdate; sometimes not. But I have a deal with Queen Bee that I pick her … Continue reading

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Spring is Here…

Let us jump, or perhaps flip, for joy!

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Things Which Have Annoyed Me Recently…

I seem to be grumpy lately. Or perhaps the rest of the world really is moronic. You be the judge. These are the things that are vexing me lately. 1. My word-of-the-day calendar. I already know what morass means. And … Continue reading

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A Little Independence is a Beautiful Thing

Spring has finally come to Ottawa. There’s still some snow on the ground, mostly where it was piled in huge snowbanks over the winter and hasn’t had direct sun to help dry it out. But the streets are clear and … Continue reading

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A Royal Visit

Today we hosted a playdate with Queen Bee’s best friend at school, Princess Fussypants. The Princess is one of those girls that always seems to be carrying enough stuff for a three-day journey, and has a way of commandeering those … Continue reading

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Things I Have Learned…

Queen Bee and Tonka Tim were looking through photo albums today and I was feeling a little amazed at how much our life has changed over the past ten years. I thought I might pass along some of the wisdom I’ve managed … Continue reading

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