April Showers Bring…..Mud!

It has been a busy week here in the dragon-fixit household, with lots of visitors, various viruses and minor ailments passed around, and our usual ongoing projects. Today was our chance to do not much of anything. Tonka Tim and Queen Bee skipped gymnastics this morning in favour of watching far too much TV. Creative Cat had a full day of school, but no outdoor recess.

As a result of all this slothfulness, after school this afternoon everyone had more energy than usual – so out they went to enjoy the glorious Ottawa spring weather. Only a kid would think today’s weather was glorious – the rain was coming down in sheets, with a small river of runoff flowing along the street in front of our house. The kids dressed in rain gear and went out to splash in the water. They quickly discovered a quagmire of mud where the snowplow had sheared off some grass from part of our front lawn this winter, and not surprisingly decided the mud was more fun than the water. Well, they had a point. Look at the photos and tell me it doesn’t look like fun!

First there was the general splashing and stomping….

First there was splashing and squishing....

Then there was the wallowing…

Then there was the wallowing...

 And then, finally – sitting.

Then there was the messy, messy aftermath.

All in all, a most glorious April day!


About Sue

This blog chronicles the adventures of Sue and Steve as they travel internationally with their three children.
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One Response to April Showers Bring…..Mud!

  1. mothermayi says:

    Not fair, what I have to pay hundreds of dollars to do, kids can do for free. Looks like more fun than I have too.

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