Our Summer (So Far) in Pictures

Here’s a little taste of our summer so far.

First, just before the end of June, we hosted Creative Cat’s birthday party. She had requested a medieval-themed party. Twelve kids with foam swords and cardboard shields…it was crazy but fun. We attempted to get the kids to joust with pool noodles and tricycles. That would have gone better if more of the kids had known what jousting is. Instead of trying to unseat their opponents, most of the kids just rode up to their opponent and started whacking them with the pool noodle. Cat-Cat loved her party, but after an hour or two she was clearly ready for everybody to go home. She really just wanted to curl up in a corner with her presents:

Fourteen books, in case you can't see them all!

Fourteen books, in case you can't see them all!

We’ve been to the cottage two weekends so far this summer. The cottage really is our family’s little slice of heaven. In the darkest days of winter, this is what we dream of doing:



And finally, the kids and I made a plan for the summer. We made a list of all the things we want to do – visiting museums, going to movies – and wrote them down on the calendar. On days we don’t have my daycare client, we’ve been going to museums. When we went to the Children’s Museum a couple of weeks ago, we discovered that they have a special Bob the Builder exhibit now. Tonka – well, words don’t do it justice. Here’s how Tonka feels about Bob the Builder:

It's love, plain and simple!

It's love, plain and simple!


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This blog chronicles the adventures of Sue and Steve as they travel internationally with their three children.
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One Response to Our Summer (So Far) in Pictures

  1. Sarah says:

    I realize this is a really old post – but I love the Tamora Pierce series I see in this picture!

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