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Ten Years

Ten years ago today Mr. Fixit called me from Hanoi to tell me he was holding our baby girl in his arms. We didn’t even have a crib yet. It was supposed to be two more months before we had our baby, but babies have … Continue reading

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Thank You ,Harry – and Good Night

Dear Harry Potter, It’s been a fun ride, old pal. Last night we read Queenie the last fifteen pages of your last book. Mr. Fixit, Creative Cat and I had all read the books and seen the movies before, but somehow … Continue reading

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Is the End of the Clothing Wars?

Queenie is a sensitive girl. Really, extraordinarily sensitive, especially about clothing. When she was in nursery school and Junior Kindergarten, she wore pyjamas to school (no underpants) more than half the time. It was so difficult to get her out … Continue reading

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I Feel Evil for Enjoying This

We just came back from a back-to-school clothes shopping trip. Our first stop was the consignment store, where we found a pair of pants for each kid and a beautiful hooded sweater for Creative Cat. Now, to understand this next bit you have to understand … Continue reading

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The What Song?

From earlier in the summer: My children are all piled up in one room at bedtime and I have offered to sing them a song to help them relax and go to sleep. Cat pipes up, “Sing the bayou song!” … Continue reading

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Hitting the Snooze Button

It’s that time of year – almost September. Technically, as a stay-at-home mom, my days are pretty much the same no matter what season it is. However, before I took on this full-time mom gig, I was a teacher and before … Continue reading

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Your happiness is intertwined with your outlook on life. We eat a lot of fortune cookies in this family. We live right in the middle between a Chinese restaurant and the home of the restaurant’s co-owners. The back door to … Continue reading

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