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Fifty Days

I have never in my life been so excited about a movie release. Fifty days until Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part I comes to theatres. In 3-D, no less. It’s being released the day before my birthday. I’ve … Continue reading

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Happy Early Birthday to Me

My birthday isn’t for two more months. And my present was, um, not much of a surprise, after I spent two hours at the paint-your-own ceramics place watching Tonka paint this thing. We brought it home yesterday and he wrapped it … Continue reading

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They Said it Better Than Me

The past few days I’ve been reading lots of thought-provoking blog posts about adoption and Asperger’s. I can’t seem to find a way to tie them all together so I’m just going to direct you to read them yourselves. First, … Continue reading

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If Only We Could

Yesterday the kids were racing around the kitchen playing with their father while I hid out upstairs with a book. Suddenly the shrieking and happy laughter was interrupted by screams from Queenie and an ominous silence from the other two. I was … Continue reading

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Just Say Yes

Our Mid-Autumn Harvest Moon Festival party was a roaring success. Literally roaring – the parade could be heard from blocks away. Some families had thoughtfully brought along extra noisemakers to share with those who had none. My Queenie was so enthusiastic in … Continue reading

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We See the Moon

Our neighbours and friends start asking about the moon party in July. After seven years, the party has become a well-loved neighbourhood tradition. Pretty good considering we started with only eight guests, and most of our neighbours had never heard of … Continue reading

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Overheard on a Sunday Morning

The kids are playing Nintendo DS. Their current obsession is a Pokemon game where you battle gym leaders to get badges. “Where’s my gym badge? I won – why don’t I get a badge?” “You made the gym leader cry. … Continue reading

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