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Love Starts Fresh

Karen started Love Thursdays, and Mir perfected them, and now I think I’ll jump on board too. Somehow by Thursday every week I need a little kick in the butt when it comes to feeling the love. I woke up on … Continue reading

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Good Intentions and Second Thoughts

I had a post here today which was a vent about something a well-intentioned person had suggested for my Queen Bee. The suggestion was for a rather simplistic solution to a complex problem. I was annoyed, because just how stupid does … Continue reading

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Difficult Thoughts about School

I need to say this, right off the bat: I love my children’s school. It’s an alternative school within the public school board. Because it’s within the public school board, it’s free to attend and they follow the provincial curriculum guidelines. … Continue reading

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A Milestone That Warms My Frugal Little Heart

In our family, allowance is not tied to chores. The kids get allowance so they can learn how to handle money. We start them off when they’re about three years old, with $1.25 a week – the amount required to buy one … Continue reading

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My New Favourite Blog

My sister pointed me to this one, and I’ve become addicted to the Free Range Kids blog. Perhaps it’s no surprise. After all, I’m the mom who has her 5-year-old doing this every morning: And he also does this every … Continue reading

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Missing Mr. Fixit

Mr. Fixit has to travel for work about once a month. Usually his trips are only a couple of days in duration but sometimes he’s gone for a full week. After a few years of this, I’ve come to recognize … Continue reading

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This is Rapidly Becoming a Harry Potter Blog

Scenes from the past week: I am whipping around the kitchen cleaning up breakfast dishes and making lunches when Tonka comes down the stairs with a silk scarf covering his head and face. Assuming this is related to Halloween talk … Continue reading

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