Good and Bad

In our family we have a dinner time ritual where every member of the family takes a turn talking about the Good Part and the Bad Part of their day. The past twenty-four hours have been a mixed bag of emotions around here so I thought maybe Good Part and Bad Part would be a good way to describe it.

Good Part: Mr. Fixit left on Saturday morning for a week of moose-hunting. Not only does he get seven days of bonding, burping, farting, and running around in the woods with his brother – but I get seven nights of deep sleep, uninterrupted by He Who Snores A Lot.

Bad Part: I sleep better when he’s gone, true. But I miss him so much I can’t GET to sleep. And the kids miss him a lot. We all like Mr. Fixit, so we want him to have a good time. But because we like him, we also miss him when he’s away.

Good Part: Creative Cat and Queen Bee were in their first-ever rock climbing competition. This is a Very Big Deal. They were somewhat intimidated before the competition but both had a great time and our family will definitely come back for future comps.

Bad Part: We were at the climbing gym at 11:30 am until 4:30 pm. Tonka was with me for most of that time. Thank heavens for hand-held electronic devices, that’s all I can say. If Nintendo DS wasn’t invented yet I would have invented it myself yesterday.

Good: My girls are totally amazing climbers. I should rename Creative Cat to Climbing Cat. She solved almost every problem (route) she tried on the first try. It was incredible to watch her skill, strength, and grace. Queen Bee was also amazing. She has a mental strength and tenacity that serve her well in this sport. It’s a tough sport for a short person like Queen Bee. While people with longer arms and legs can just reach from one hold to another, Queen Bee has to carefully shift her weight and balance and reach precariously from one hold to another. It would be easy for her to stop, but oh lord, that girl just does not give up. Whenever Queenie was working a particularly difficult problem she would attract a crowd of adults cheering her on, offering gentle suggestions, and applauding when she made a difficult move. It’s nice to find a positive outlet for Queenie’s persistence, which she more frequently uses to torture me. 

Bad: Climbing is both a mental and physical sport. Five hours of that was too much for young kids. The girls were completely exhausted afterwards, although understandably proud of how hard they had worked and how much they had accomplished.

Good: Climbing Cat won her age category! First place for all climbers under 12. Yay for my agile Cat!

Bad: Cat was unable to accept her prize, because we were at the hospital getting x-rays. On her last climb of the day she fell right from the top of the wall. She rolled onto her left arm and injured her wrist and elbow. Yesterday’s x-rays were inconclusive because the arm was too swollen for a good image. She’s in a sling for comfort right now and will go back for more x-rays later this week.

So, a mixed bag for us. I’m hoping that nothing more serious happens during the week that Mr. Fixit is away. I’ve had just about enough excitement for a while now.


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This blog chronicles the adventures of Sue and Steve as they travel internationally with their three children.
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5 Responses to Good and Bad

  1. lisa says:

    Oh my gosh…I was following along and smiling during all the Good parts….then I saw the injury of your brave, amazing Cat and I’m SO SO sorry!! I sure hope once the swelling subsides, they find it already on the mend and nothing serious!!!

    And the photo….all I can is…….W.O.W.

  2. Lynn says:

    Wow…you’ve got some crazy talented kids. We don’t got none of them there motor skills in this household. I hope Cat is feeling better and that it’s nothing serious…that must have been terrifying to witness.

    • mamadragon says:

      Actually, bad mother that I am, I wasn’t watching when it happened. I was on another level of the gym dealing with Tonka and Queen Bee. Another mom helped Cat up off the floor and then Cat had to come find me. Nice, huh?

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