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The Post of Excessive Cuteness

Is there anything cuter than a kid with a kitten? Especially if the kitten’s coat mirrors the pattern on the kid’s shirt? Tonka with Phoenix. Not cute enough? Okay, let’s try a close-up: A kitten being cuddled by two children … Continue reading

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Wherein I Reveal Myself to be a Genius Mom

Lean in close, dear reader. I’m going to tell you a secret. Are you listening? Okay, here it is. Sometimes, I don’t really like cooking with my kids. I know, you’re shocked, right? Yeah, I put up a good front. … Continue reading

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Love is in the Small Things

This is my last year of having a child at home with me for most of the day during the school year. I find myself treasuring this last bit of time with Tonka. He’s my sweet boy, my funny, lively, … Continue reading

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This is My Son on (Legal, Over-the-Counter) Drugs

Actual conversation with Tonka at bedtime last night: “Mom? Cats have glowing eyes.” “No, sweetie, cats’ eyes don’t glow.” “YES!” He is adamant. “Zombie cats’ eyes glow!” Oh dear. Talk of zombies at bedtime does not bode well for Mamadragon … Continue reading

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It’s the Gift That Keeps on Giving

Thank you to everyone who offered up birthday wishes. Mr. Fixit and the kids and my uncle made sure I had a wonderful birthday weekend. And oh yes, there was lots of Harry Potter, as well as good food, good … Continue reading

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Cross This One Off the Bucket List

“Attend a midnight screening of a blockbuster movie on the day it opens”. Check. What I never would have thought to put on my (imaginary, strictly in my head) bucket list: “Attend a midnight screening of a blockbuster movie at the … Continue reading

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Love is Secure

Mr. Fixit and I are practical kind of people. He’s an engineer and I’m a science/math teacher by training. We love each other deeply but we’re not the romantic types. Plus, we’ve been together since high school; we’re way beyond that … Continue reading

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