Happy Halloween from the Great White North

I always figure there’s at least a 50% chance of snow on Halloween in Ottawa. We usually have two costumes planned for the kids – one for indoor parties, and one for trick-or-treating in the cold. The past few years it hasn’t been too cold on Halloween, so this year I didn’t bother to plan for two costumes per child. So of course, the universe decided to remind me that this is the Great White North after all. It started snowing the evening of October 30th, and it snowed all night. By Halloween morning we had a couple of inches of fluffy wet snow on the ground. We had to scramble to modify costumes to make them warmer.

But first, we had to make a snowman. Or, more accurately:

A two-headed Halloween snow vampire!


About Sue

This blog chronicles the adventures of Sue and Steve as they travel internationally with their three children.
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2 Responses to Happy Halloween from the Great White North

  1. lisa says:

    Holy vampire!! That is a first for me!!! LOL And yeah, I’m smiling at that darn thing!!!! 🙂

    I’m glad you made the most of your weather curve ball ~ our weather can be unpredictable too, but we lucked out this year!! Hope your day was a blast, snow beasts and all!!!

  2. Lynn says:

    Snow on Halloween is just wrong. But you definitely made the best of it. I can honestly say that I’ve never heard of a snow vampire…you get your blood sucked and frost bite at the same time.

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