An Open Letter

Dear Universe:

Look, I got it, okay? Message received LOUD AND CLEAR.

I already knew that it kind of sucks to be turning forty later this month. You’ve made that abundantly clear. Extra padding around the waist and butt: check. Knees that just won’t run no more, no more: check. Insomnia, grey hair, spouse who snores and still wants to wear the clothes that were stylish when he was a teen: check, check,  and oh my lord, CHECK. I GOT IT.

I didn’t think it was TOO outrageous to plan a weekend getaway with my husband. You know, we don’t get away all that often. Once in ten years, I think. We don’t even do date night very often. So one weekend in New York City didn’t seem like too much to ask for, I thought.

We knew the shingles were a potential problem but the blisters are mostly gone now and I haven’t been too terribly sore since last week. So I thought it was entirely reasonable to make yesterday a test day – I would have one normal day, including a trip to the grocery store, and we would see how that went. I think that’s reasonable, don’t you? Well, I was tired afterward. More than tired. I sat on my couch and cried a little at the thought of having to go get the kids at the bus stop. You know, at that point I was pretty certain we would have to cancel the New York trip for this weekend. I ALREADY KNEW.

You did NOT have to throw in the sick child and the husband with the weird throat infection. THAT WAS OVERKILL. I’m just sayin’. Nobody likes a nag, Universe.

Sincerely, Mamadragon

P.S. Watch your back, Universe. I have three kids and they are forces to be reckoned with. Guaranteed at least one of them is having kids. And then their kids will have kids. The Mamadragon-Fixit Empire is just getting started. It might take a couple of generations, but REVENGE IS COMING, Universe.


About Sue

This blog chronicles the adventures of Sue and Steve as they travel internationally with their three children.
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3 Responses to An Open Letter

  1. Mir says:

    Oh no!! So sorry, sweetie. 😦

  2. lisa says:

    Oh gosh…..that’s just no fun and so so unfair!!!

    I think your threats are warranted, pesky old Universe! Always butting in and thumbing its nose at our fun!

    Seriously though, you shared all of this AND did it with a sense of humor ~ I am impressed and I hope the Universe is listening CUZ I think this post should get extra points!!!

    🙂 P.S. I turned 40 this year too….welcome ( or almost!) to the club!!!! Its actually…..o.k.!!!!

  3. Lynn says:

    That sucks!!!!! The Universe needs to totally kiss my ass most days.

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