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She’s a Phenom

Creative Cat won her climbing competition on Saturday. For those keeping track at home, she’s three for three now in winning first prize for her age category in climbing competitions. She was amazing in Montreal. She climbed with her usual skill … Continue reading

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Love is Facing A Long Cold Drive this Weekend

This Saturday I will wake up at 6 am, drag my pre-teen out of her cozy bed, and drive two and a half hours to a city in another province. Creative Cat has a bouldering competition this weekend. As much as I enjoy … Continue reading

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Validation from the Boob Tube

One of the hardest things for me and Mr. Fixit about Queen Bee having Asperger’s is that we feel rather isolated. Sometimes it seems like however hard other people try – and let’s be honest, sometimes they don’t try very hard at … Continue reading

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The Queen of Irritating

Creative Cat is old enough now to stay home alone for short periods of time. There will be times when she is able to let herself into an empty house to wait for our return. Rather than have her carry, … Continue reading

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Learning to Write Good

As part of a job application process, I will soon be writing a test in written communications proficiency. I’ve been studying by reading through the ultimate guide in such things: Strunk and White’s Elements of Style. Despite being fifty years old, … Continue reading

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Love Comes On Little Cat Feet

I said I didn’t want any more cats. They smell. I’m allergic. They cost money. And yet here we are, with two 3-month-old cats in the house. And I, along with everyone else in the family, am smitten with these kittens. Besides being … Continue reading

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Another Random Observation

Son, I love that you are independent enough to get your own snacks, and I adore the fact that you want to share. But in future, please don’t add miniature marshmallows to my coffee without asking. That’s just not a pleasant … Continue reading

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