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Clearly the Universe Thinks I’m Overcaffeinated

We have a mixture of freezing rain, ice pellets and snow falling from the sky today. Every school bus in the city was cancelled. Technically the schools are open so I should risk my kids’ lives by putting them in … Continue reading

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Just Indulge My Wishful Thinking for a Moment

This is what spring looks like here – kids wearing t-shirts and snow boots, eating ice cream on the only dry surface not covered in wet, melting snow. Unfortunately it’s false spring – two unseasonably warm days before the regularly-scheduled … Continue reading

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She’s Not Always Emo

Mr. Fixit felt I may have given the wrong impression about Queen Bee with my last post. It’s not that she’s never happy. Her birthday is stressful for her, is what I was trying to say – but even the Queen … Continue reading

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All Hail the Queen

Today is Queen Bee’s eighth birthday. Lest this statement conjure up visions of a happy child delightedly anticipating presents, cake and special attention – let me remind you this is my Queen Bee, who is already showing signs of being an … Continue reading

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Never Say Never

The release of the new Justin Bieber movie has given me ample opportunity to torture my children by talking about my pretend crush on young Master Bieber. My children despise the Biebs. When I’m feeling particularly wicked, I like to talk about how I will … Continue reading

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This Must Be A Record

At bedtime Tonka was playing with his tooth. It was supposed to stay in the little dish on his headboard, but he just couldn’t resist handling it when he was supposed to be going to sleep. Of course, as anyone … Continue reading

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Jack-O-Lantern Smile

Tonka lost his first tooth today. Twice. After it was out, Queen Bee managed to convince him to take it into the bathroom to wash it. There was really no need – it was so ready to fall out that … Continue reading

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