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My Son the Bad Influence

Actual e-mail that just arrived in my inbox: Thanks a lot for letting Tonka get a Mohawk…we spent the night in tense negotiations with [Tonka’s classmate] not to cut his lovely locks! Awesome. Five years old and he’s already getting his peers into … Continue reading

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Double Second and She Couldn’t Be Happier

Okay, I’m just going to have to come out and say it. I’m too busy to blog much these days. I’m sorry about that, but that’s just how it is. No amount of me resolving to do better is going … Continue reading

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This is More for Me than for You

I have spent the past weekend four days agonizing over my life. This happens to me with some frequency. I’m a smart person who gets bored easily – this stay-at-home mom thing isn’t enough to keep my brain occupied. When I get … Continue reading

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Good Night, Betty

Mr. Fixit’s grandmother died on Sunday morning. We were expecting the news. She had been very sick for several days, and it was a testament to her strength that she survived as long as she did. But it was still … Continue reading

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Love Thursday: Now With Ice Pellets!

I would like to write a longer post today, but you’ll have to settle for a short note. I will be on a snowshoeing field trip with Queen Bee’s class today. For the record, today’s weather forecast calls for snow, … Continue reading

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Crazy Going Slowly Am I, 6-5-4-3-2-1, Switch

Sometimes I think parenthood is just one long, slow descent into insanity. It starts when you are expecting your first child, and some kind of weird madness seizes your brain, causing you to spend hours contemplating the difference between different … Continue reading

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Love is Neighbourly

I’m writing this at my kitchen table while a five year old boy sits beside me, eating his lunch and chattering. Not the five year old boy who usually sits in that spot. This is Tonka’s good friend from the neighbourhood. … Continue reading

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