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Four Different Kinds of Awesome in One Sentence

Ten-year-old Creative Cat, while preparing spring rolls with me: “When I go to university, I’ll probably have to make spring rolls with a pot of oil on the stove because I won’t have a deep fryer.” Yes. To all of … Continue reading

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Love Celebrates

  Will compliment for money This morning started with Mr. Fixit extracting compliments and good wishes out of the kids in exchange for li xi stuffed with crisp bills and foil-wrapped chocolate coins. By the time I came downstairs, the … Continue reading

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Love Remembers

Today is Remembrance Day in Canada – the day we remember and honour veterans and those who have died in war. The older students of the kids’ school will walk to the public Remembrance Day service at the community cenotaph a few blocks away … Continue reading

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Just Say Yes

Our Mid-Autumn Harvest Moon Festival party was a roaring success. Literally roaring – the parade could be heard from blocks away. Some families had thoughtfully brought along extra noisemakers to share with those who had none. My Queenie was so enthusiastic in … Continue reading

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We See the Moon

Our neighbours and friends start asking about the moon party in July. After seven years, the party has become a well-loved neighbourhood tradition. Pretty good considering we started with only eight guests, and most of our neighbours had never heard of … Continue reading

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On Being the Vietnamese Grandma

 I used to wish for a Vietnamese Grandma. I felt that it was important to learn how to cook Vietnamese food at home so my Vietnamese-born daughter would experience food from her culture at home, not just at restaurants. I … Continue reading

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Reward with Food

Queen Bee runs in the house on a summer day. “Mom, can you undo this please?” She’s strugging with the brocade “frog button” on her silk Chinese dress. I know she can’t fasten that button by herself, and she hates the … Continue reading

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