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Four Different Kinds of Awesome in One Sentence

Ten-year-old Creative Cat, while preparing spring rolls with me: “When I go to university, I’ll probably have to make spring rolls with a pot of oil on the stove because I won’t have a deep fryer.” Yes. To all of … Continue reading

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Clearly the Universe Thinks I’m Overcaffeinated

We have a mixture of freezing rain, ice pellets and snow falling from the sky today. Every school bus in the city was cancelled. Technically the schools are open so I should risk my kids’ lives by putting them in … Continue reading

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She’s Not Always Emo

Mr. Fixit felt I may have given the wrong impression about Queen Bee with my last post. It’s not that she’s never happy. Her birthday is stressful for her, is what I was trying to say – but even the Queen … Continue reading

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Wherein I Flirt With Being a Cooking Blog

Homemade pound cake = very good. Homemade pound cake + Skor toffee bits = awesome. Homemade pound cake + Skor toffee bits + chocolate fondue = CAN’T TYPE STILL EATING. O-M-G. Best Lunar New Year Feast Ever.

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The Sad Tale of a Gingerbread House

Once upon a time there was a Mommy with three children. She was a very nice Mommy, although perhaps a little frazzled sometimes. One day, the very first day of school holidays before Christmas in fact, the Mommy was shopping … Continue reading

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More or Less Typical Dinner Time Conversation

Mr. Fixit’s birthday is about a week before Christmas. Poor guy. Every year I buy a  bunch of presents for him and then divide them into two piles. I wrap the birthday presents in the most non-Christmas-like paper I can find (which sometimes … Continue reading

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Wherein I Reveal Myself to be a Genius Mom

Lean in close, dear reader. I’m going to tell you a secret. Are you listening? Okay, here it is. Sometimes, I don’t really like cooking with my kids. I know, you’re shocked, right? Yeah, I put up a good front. … Continue reading

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