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Sometimes He Surprises Me in a Good Way

Tonka had his birthday party today, at a gymnastics centre. Having outsourced the actual party, and having devoted much energy to preparing for his sister’s birthday celebration two days ago, and to dealing with Queenie’s predictable-but-still-exhausting emotional difficulties with celebrating … Continue reading

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Glorious Summer

Summer is in full swing here at The Burrow. We started with visits from various aunts, uncles, and cousins on the Dragon side of the family as soon as school let out. Literally – I took the girls to climbing … Continue reading

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My Son the Bad Influence

Actual e-mail that just arrived in my inbox: Thanks a lot for letting Tonka get a Mohawk…we spent the night in tense negotiations with [Tonka’s classmate] not to cut his lovely locks! Awesome. Five years old and he’s already getting his peers into … Continue reading

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Love is Neighbourly

I’m writing this at my kitchen table while a five year old boy sits beside me, eating his lunch and chattering. Not the five year old boy who usually sits in that spot. This is Tonka’s good friend from the neighbourhood. … Continue reading

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Last week Queen Bee brought home a birthday party invitation. When she handed it to me, she also handed me the phone. “Call them now, Mom,” she urged. “Tell them I’m coming.” I should have done it, but I didn’t. … Continue reading

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If Wishes Were Fishes

After I finished yesterday’s post about Woody the Whiny Friend, the two boys scampered upstairs to play in Tonka’s room.  Finally, I had some blissful silence. When, oh when, will I learn? Silence from two five-year-old boys is not bliss. … Continue reading

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Make the Bad Noise STOOOPPPPPPPP

Tonka has a friend visiting today. The friend, let’s call him Woody a la Toy Story, says EVERYTHING in a whiiiinnnnnyyyyyyyyyy voice. I am looking for an ice pick to gouge out my own eardrums. And I’m feeling guilty. Woody’s mom has told … Continue reading

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