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Happy Harry Day

Tonight I take Cat, Queenie, and two of Cat’s friends to the midnight opening of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2. In IMAX 3D, because that was the only theater that had five tickets available. First we will … Continue reading

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Harry, Hairy and Merry

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Oh hello, there. Nice of you to drop in. Don’t mind the mess, it’s been a little busy around here. Would you like a glass of eggnog, or a slightly stale Christmas cookie? How about a Christmas brownie? Oh that? … Continue reading

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Cross This One Off the Bucket List

“Attend a midnight screening of a blockbuster movie on the day it opens”. Check. What I never would have thought to put on my (imaginary, strictly in my head) bucket list: “Attend a midnight screening of a blockbuster movie at the … Continue reading

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Love is Secure

Mr. Fixit and I are practical kind of people. He’s an engineer and I’m a science/math teacher by training. We love each other deeply but we’re not the romantic types. Plus, we’ve been together since high school; we’re way beyond that … Continue reading

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Molly Weasley and Me

The new Harry Potter movie opens this week. It’s going to be very Harry around here for a while. I apologize to those of you who are not Harry-obsessed. Regularly scheduled programming will resume in a few days. There is … Continue reading

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This is Rapidly Becoming a Harry Potter Blog

Scenes from the past week: I am whipping around the kitchen cleaning up breakfast dishes and making lunches when Tonka comes down the stairs with a silk scarf covering his head and face. Assuming this is related to Halloween talk … Continue reading

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Sometimes it’s Wonderful to be Married to a Tech Wizard

Example number one: slideshow of our trip to China, set up to show during our Moon Festival party. I was just going to prop a laptop on a table, but Mr. Fixit had the brilliant idea to use a computer … Continue reading

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