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My Cat Speaks to Me. No, Really.

The other night I was in a deep sleep, when I was startled awake by the sound that is guaranteed to wake any mom, any time: a pitiful child’s voice quavering, “Moooommmmmm?” I fought my way to consciousness and looked … Continue reading

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Love Comes On Little Cat Feet

I said I didn’t want any more cats. They smell. I’m allergic. They cost money. And yet here we are, with two 3-month-old cats in the house. And I, along with everyone else in the family, am smitten with these kittens. Besides being … Continue reading

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Have a Hairy, Harry Christmas

I had many pictures to share, but most of them will have to wait until another day. It appears my computer is tired from excessive sharing of kitten photos on Facebook, tracking of Santa on NORAD, and introducing Grandpa Fixit to … Continue reading

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The Post of Excessive Cuteness

Is there anything cuter than a kid with a kitten? Especially if the kitten’s coat mirrors the pattern on the kid’s shirt? Tonka with Phoenix. Not cute enough? Okay, let’s try a close-up: A kitten being cuddled by two children … Continue reading

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Score One for Mr. Fixit

Last week Mr. Fixit and I decided to add two new members to the family – kittens. It’s going to be a while before they can come home, so I wanted to keep the information close to our chests for a … Continue reading

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Smart As a Whippet

On the weekend we went to a street fair near our neighbourhood. After we’d toured around for an hour or two, the kids and Mr. Fixit disappeared into a candy store. They were in there so long I wondered if … Continue reading

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If Wishes Were Fishes

After I finished yesterday’s post about Woody the Whiny Friend, the two boys scampered upstairs to play in Tonka’s room.  Finally, I had some blissful silence. When, oh when, will I learn? Silence from two five-year-old boys is not bliss. … Continue reading

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