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Adventures in Speech Therapy

The boy is almost finished with speech therapy, although he still has some language therapy ahead of him. He’s worked hard over the past four years and he’s made incredible progress. The only speech issue that remains is a tendency … Continue reading

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He’s Got Skillz

One thing I try very hard to teach my children is to be good problem-solvers. For some of my kids, this comes more naturally than others. If you read this blog fairly regularly or if you know my Queenie, I’m … Continue reading

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Conversation With Tonka

From the back seat: “Mom, remember when we went on the magic boat?” I’m driving on a busy city street in the rain, not paying too much attention to the conversation at this point. “Magic boat? When was this, bud?” … Continue reading

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Overheard on a Sunday Morning

The kids are playing Nintendo DS. Their current obsession is a Pokemon game where you battle gym leaders to get badges. “Where’s my gym badge? I won – why don’t I get a badge?” “You made the gym leader cry. … Continue reading

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Little Miss Literal

Queenie is, like most Aspies, excessively literal. She thinks that everyone says what they mean and means what they say. There’s no room for interpretation in her world. Here’s an example from last year. Tonka was in Junior Kindergarten, afternoons … Continue reading

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Just Call Him Cheaty McCheaterpants

He’s quite the board game and playing-card fanatic, my Tonka. This is due in part to his naturally social and competitive personality. Also, his speech therapist uses the turn-taking of games to teach speech and language skills. And I admit, it’s partly my fault. When … Continue reading

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“Special Needs” – What’s in a Label?

This is my brother, Uncle Elvis. Uncle Elvis joined our family through foster care when I was a teenager and he was three years old. A few years later, our parents adopted him and he has been part of our … Continue reading

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