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Sometimes He Surprises Me in a Good Way

Tonka had his birthday party today, at a gymnastics centre. Having outsourced the actual party, and having devoted much energy to preparing for his sister’s birthday celebration two days ago, and to dealing with Queenie’s predictable-but-still-exhausting emotional difficulties with celebrating … Continue reading

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Just Indulge My Wishful Thinking for a Moment

This is what spring looks like here – kids wearing t-shirts and snow boots, eating ice cream on the only dry surface not covered in wet, melting snow. Unfortunately it’s false spring – two unseasonably warm days before the regularly-scheduled … Continue reading

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April Showers Bring…..Mud!

It has been a busy week here in the dragon-fixit household, with lots of visitors, various viruses and minor ailments passed around, and our usual ongoing projects. Today was our chance to do not much of anything. Tonka Tim and Queen … Continue reading

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Spring is Here…

Let us jump, or perhaps flip, for joy!

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A Little Independence is a Beautiful Thing

Spring has finally come to Ottawa. There’s still some snow on the ground, mostly where it was piled in huge snowbanks over the winter and hasn’t had direct sun to help dry it out. But the streets are clear and … Continue reading

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